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Residents of California who engage in political activism: we can lead the planet towards slow, slow, steady multi-lateral disarmament of at least 2% per year and eventually down to no more than 100 or so such weapons for ANY nation and thus demonstrate that Obama has earned his Peace prize. A slow pace is the key leverage. The objective is within sight, and we must marshall our forces but, above all, we MUST coordinate the attack. Soon we will have 2-hour shifts, 24x7. The spirit of Archimedes is alive within us: let our blood sing. Alive. Heave-ho on the lever, together now. Write to your representatives a brief, assertive letter with specific demands. A slow, leveraged pace will brush the hawks aside and it will be a triumph of the Will of the People. The watchword is Peace, the go code is "defuse and disarm". Fellow Citizens: run the race and pass of the baton of influence to others. People of Earth: let us cross over the river and rest beneath the shade of the trees. Not high office or thrones but Citizens! Sound the bugle, nay the trumpet and we shall be changed towards Peace in a modern Sacred Drama and thus will Trinity be eclipsed. with an emphasis on the word "our". Friend: who knows when we will meet again? If ever... Time is flowing... Go forth and make the future thine, if not for ourselves, then for the flowers of our hearts and for all future generations. Onward, onward to the stars!

At, the plaque on the Grand Staircase reads:

The Grand Staircase of San Francisco City Hall is named
in honor of Charlotte Maillard Shultz in recognition of the
many memorable civic celebrations she hosted in the Rotunda
during her notable service as Chief of Protocol for San Francisco.
A dedication ceremony was held on December 14, 2003 with
Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. , Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,
U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein and Mayor-elect Gavin Newsom.

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